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Auto Insurance Premiums Don’t Have To Come At Premium Prices

Auto insurance premiums don’t have to come at premium prices

Balancing a monthly budget involves saving money any where you can. One of the areas you can cut back is on your auto insurance. Auto insurance premiums don’t have to come at a premium price point.Driving Record
A good driving record will save you money when purchasing insurance for your vehicle. Too many accidents, traffic tickets and other violations will make you a high risk in the eyes of the insurance company. Being a high insurance risk will cost you more money to insure your vehicle, than someone who has a clean or good driving record.

Credit Score
The insurance company could run your credit score before offering you a policy on auto insurance. A good credit score could mean the difference between having to shell out hundreds of dollars and saving thousands of dollars. Take care of debt and monitor your credit score before shopping for auto insurance, so that you know where you stand.

Many insurance companies offer policies for not only a customer’s vehicle, but for their home, apartment, boat, motorcycle and other insurable things. You can save money, between 10 to 25 percent, on auto insurance by bundling policies on multiple things. Auto insurance companies also offer discounts for families who have more than one vehicle and take out multiple vehicle policies.

Driver Training
Just by taking a safe driving course, you can save money on auto insurance. AARP offers a Driver Safety course at its chapters throughout the country. You don’t have to be 50 years old or older to take advantage of these safe driving courses. Just by taking the course, you could save between five to 10 percent on your auto insurance premium. More savings of up to 15 percent can be realized for older drivers.

Pick Older Model
Depending on the model, older vehicles are normally less expensive to insure than newer models. Just by purchasing an older vehicle, you could save tons on your auto insurance policy. Because car companies rarely change the designs of their models, you can get the same basic styling with a model that’s four years older than with the brand new one.



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