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Save Money On Auto Insurance By Driving Safely

Save Money On Auto Insurance By Driving Safely

Paying less for auto insurance is certainly possible if you are a responsible driver. Insurance companies are going to bend over backwards to gain the business of a driver who poses little risk of filing a claim. You will find that there are many discounts and savings related to your safe driving. What are some of these discounts?

No-Claims Deduction

Most drivers will see a 10 percent discount for not filing a claim in the past five years. Insurance companies view this as proof that you are a good driver. Drivers who do not file claims save the insurance company money because the insurer doesn’t have to pay out. Fewer payments going out means more profit.

Lower Deductible For Safe Driving

You can get a lower deductible for not getting into an accident. Drivers will generally see their deductibles go down by a certain amount each year. It may be possible to have your deductible waived even if you are shopping for a policy with a new company.

Tickets And Accidents Raise Your Premium

Getting a traffic ticket can raise your rates significantly. Paying attention to road signs, speed limits and road conditions will lower your risk of getting a ticket. Staying alert and aware of other drivers on the road will help you drive defensively. Doing so will help you avoid an accident while on the road. Keep in mind that an accident can result in a driver also receiving traffic tickets.

Never Drink And Drive

Drinking and driving should never be considered. Receiving a DUI will result in higher insurance premiums for at least three years. Drunk driving also results in an increased risk of an accident while behind the wheel. SR-22 insurance will also be required of anyone convicted of a DUI. This is mandatory insurance that you must carry even when you don’t drive your own car.

Safe driving is the easiest way to save money on your car insurance. Driving safely allows you to take advantage of multiple discounts offered by insurance companies. Staying aware of your surroundings will avoid tickets and accidents whenever you drive. Being safe on the road will save you money on insurance for as long as you drive a car.



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