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Six Tips To Save On Auto Insurance

Six Tips To Save On Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is required by all 50 states. Finding an affordable policy will take some research but offers a driver tremendous savings over time.

Do Your Research:
Obtain quotes from multiple companies. The more quotes a driver receives, the more likely they are to find affordable car insurance. Check with independent car insurance agents and insurance brokers. An insurance broker will offer quotes from a variety of different insurance carriers. Determine that the company is reliable and pays promptly on claims. A cut rate insurance policy will not save a driver money, if they do not cover claims when the need arises.

Ask For Discounts:
A driver searching for auto insurance should ask for any available discounts. Insurance carriers offer discounts for those with a good driving record and for students. Discounts are usually available when combining car insurance with rental or home insurance. Many employers extend an auto insurance discount for their employees, check with human resources for this option. A driver with more than one vehicle may qualify for a multiple car discount on their insurance premiums.

Check Deductibles:
The higher the deductible, the lower the cost of car insurance. A driver should have a deductible as high as they are comfortably able to pay, in order to save on premiums. A driver with a $1,000 deductible will find insurance to be less costly than the driver with a $200 deductible.

Get The Right Coverage:
The driver who has a fully paid for vehicle may not need full coverage. A car that is older and only worth a few thousand dollars does require hefty insurance coverage. Going with a liability only coverage will cover the car owner, in the event of an at fault accident, but will not cover their own vehicle.

Buy The Right Vehicle:
An expensive sports model will cost more to insure than a family car. A person should check with their insurance carrier prior to a vehicle purchase to determine the cost of insurance premiums for that particular model of car. A vehicle with multiple safety features built in will offer a great deal of savings to the driver on insurance costs.

Pay Online and In Full:
A driver who pays in full for the length of the policy will often be awarded a discount. Policies range from six to 12 months in length. Many insurance companies give a discount for policy holders that accept a paperless, online payment policy.



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